Grace Elizabeth

I pray Your life is full of light and dance Yet I pray you don’t get dizzy and comfortable When storms come When hurt comes When you see what needs to be done The road less traveled The mess you didn’t make I pray you roll up your sleaves I pray that in your inner … More Grace Elizabeth

The Fountain

They say There is a place Somewhere in a deep wood Where there stands A fountain of youth Those that drink from it Harmonize And as they age They sing over The wrinkles and they dont curse the time theif They become mothers who give magic to their children And Fathers who build them wings … More The Fountain

Reaching for Light

I sat in the shadows of the evening In the silence of the house Warming my hands with the coffee mug Reaching for inspiration Yearning for my thoughts to turn poetic Itching for a pen Wishing I could step outside of myself and take a walk And see everything untinged Untamed, untouched Unfiltered See things … More Reaching for Light

The Gollum in me

I hoard my trinkets Delighting in shredded wrapping paper Ignoring the Gift I am like Gollum Obsessing and dying inside Adoring perishable little trinkets Cowering in the caves As the saints march into battle And the new earth approaches I force worship out of myself unto my precious little ornaments Thinking the louder I praise … More The Gollum in me

The Foreigner

He comes around Bare in his honesty and openness Creating discomfort with his vulnerability and lack of self preservation. He leaves his window open for others to reach in and touch his heart, Letting the fingerprints linger so that he may absorb the impact. He asks real questions, Making us all ashamed of the masks … More The Foreigner